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4 Impression Insert Moulded 4 Drop Hot Runner Tool - TO PRODUCE A COIL CONNECTOR HOUSING

Robot loading the ‘inner coil’ to the fixed half core is the first stage of the tool cycle. The four ‘inner coils’ are then secured by eight hydraulically operated fixed half side cores, two per impression. After the injection process the eight side cores open, freeing the moulding from the fixed half. At the same time the mould opens, actuating eight cam operated side cores by means of a floating moving half core plate. Finally, the mouldings are ejected by conventional ejector pins. The ‘coil connector housing’ is shown with the insert moulded ‘inner coil’ to its left. Precision Moulds also produced this tool.

Dimensions 396 x 396 x 390mm

Weight 470 Kilos

Material 25% GF PA66

Press Demag Ergo Tech 100-200
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