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Precision Moulds has extensive experience in producing single and multi-cavity plastic injection mould tools for the medical, connector and automotive markets, for use in conventional, twin-shot, strip fed and overmould applications.

Precision Moulds pride themselves on being at the forefront of tool technology by utilising high specification powder metallurgy steels such as Böhler M390 and Udderholm Elmax & Vanadis. These increase tool life when moulding with highly abrasive glass filled plastic materials. Precision Moulds also offers vacuum brazed water channels within the cavity and core inserts for optimum temperature control around the mould form, to reduce cycle times.

Utilising the latest Foba CNC laser marking & engraving technology, fine identification and logo markings within the cavity are engraved for optimum clarity. All inserts are also engraved with detail numbers and steel identification.

All tools receive a final inspection where all steel sizes are measured and, if requested, a tool inspection report is created and submitted with tool delivery. On component approval a comprehensive tool manual is supplied. All new tooling comes with a standard 12 month or 1 million shot warranty from first off samples, which can be extended to accommodate customer production requirements.

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